Tax Compliance, Inc. Announces Support for Managing Inspections, Equipment Compliance, as well as Contracts and Legal Agreements with New Version of LicenseHQ

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the launch of the latest version of its LicenseHQ licensing and operational compliance software. Major enhancements include support for managing inspections and violations; equipment and vehicle compliance; and contracts and legal agreements.

LicenseHQ now tracks the entire inspection life cycle — from initiation, the inspection itself, violations, plans of action, corrective measures taken, and payments to a successful resolution. The system centralizes all inspection-related data and associated documentation and flags associated license and permits which may be impacted by an inspection. It also standardizes inspection follow-up procedures and guidelines via custom templates to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. “Our customers told us inspections were a real headache for them,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. He added, “We spent time with a number of customers to scope their issues and ensure these enhancements would provide them with the relief they needed.”

In response to other customer requests, LicenseHQ minimizes time spent on vehicle and equipment compliance and any subsequent exposure. LicenseHQ tracks all licenses, permits, and registrations for each relevant piece of equipment and vehicle along with all compliance data and supporting documentation. To save time, LicenseHQ also enables vehicle and equipment operators to enter required information and upload scanned documents from any location. It also includes powerful search tools allowing operators and compliance professionals alike to access specific licenses and permits quickly and easily. LicenseHQ also supports the management of all equipment inspections and subsequent violations and follow-ups.

From contract negotiation, agreement on terms, signing, to the renegotiation, renewal, and termination; LicenseHQ supports and organizes the entire life cycle of contracts and agreements. Users may manage any sort of legal agreement using LicenseHQ, including: lease agreements, vendor agreements, service agreements, purchasing contracts, partnership agreements, intellectual property agreements, trade agreements, software agreements, utility contracts, employment agreements, and many more. “Our customers make our job easy because they’re always willing to share enhancement ideas,” admitted Strauss. “We’re always looking to provide more value to our customers and remain agile enough to adapt to the way they operate their businesses.”

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