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New Update License Tool, Electronic Payments, and Custom Email Bodies for Report Notifications included in LicenseHQ 2.4

The Update Licenses tool in LicenseHQ 2.4 includes a new feature that allows users to edit commonly used fields for multiple licenses at the same time. When used in conjunction with LicenseHQ filtering capabilities, this tool can save many hours of work – for example users can quickly change DBA names or named officers. “The ability to quickly isolate groups of licenses which require editing and then being able to instantly update all of them not only saves time, but also ensures something important doesn’t slip through the cracks,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of Tax Compliance, Inc.

LicenseHQ 2.4 includes new features to help customers better track credit card and other electronic payments. LicenseHQ can indicate when a payment was made electronically and user fields can capture additional supporting information regarding the transaction including authorization numbers and payment site URLs. In addition, customers making a single payment covering multiple licenses can quickly record the payment once and have the information automatically saved to all applicable licenses. “Our customers told us they needed to track all forms of payment, as well as all the data surrounding those payments, so that’s what we delivered,” said Mike Mulinix, Director of Client Services.

LicenseHQ also now helps ensure licenses are cancelled as necessary by reminding users to inactivate associated licenses when sites, equipment, and personnel are marked as inactive. This helps customers avoid legal liability in the event of incidents occurring at previous operating locations and helps ensure money is not wasted renewing unnecessary licenses. “The first thing any legal team will do after an incident is to identify all parties possessing licenses to operate at the location and sue them – so it’s critical business take the extra time to officially surrender and cancel licenses associated with closed locations because you don’t want that liability,” said Strauss.

The automatic distribution of reports has also been enhanced in LicenseHQ. You can now customize the email sent with each report to improve each recipient’s understanding of what they’re receiving. This includes the ability to specify the name shown in the sender field, the email subject, and the body of the email. “Managers are constantly bombarded with data and reports, so it’s always helpful to receive some sort of context so you can understand what you’re looking at and why it’s important,” said Mulinix.

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