Tax Compliance, Inc. Announces a Custom Report Writer, Configurable License Data Exports, Batch Renewal Processing and Other Enhancements with the Launch of New Version of LicenseHQ

Tax Compliance, Inc. (TCI) announces the launch of the latest version of its LicenseHQ business license and permit compliance software. Major enhancements include custom reports, scheduled e-mail delivery of custom queries, configurable data exports from every major data grid, batch renewal processing, and an additional six standard reports.

LicenseHQ now includes a custom report writer providing customers with unparalleled visibility into the license compliance process and substantially reducing the amount of time required to generate reports. Virtually any field may be included in reports, or be used to group report data. “While our customers receive a lot of value using the standard reports included in LicenseHQ, custom report writer has been a popular enhancement request,” said Scott Strauss, CEO of TCI. He added, “We take tremendous pride in our relationship with our customers, as well as our ability to provide the features they want and to deliver the value they expect.”

Building on this enhancement, customers may also schedule regular e-mail distribution of such queries. This enhancement provides managers and other non-users with regular access to license data and saves compliance personnel substantial time previously spent responding to requests for information.

The Sites, Licenses, and Payment pages have also been enhanced to save customers’ time. Custom exports of Sites, Licenses, and Payment data provide users the ability to create ad-hoc reports. New export controls allow customers to select which fields they wish to include in export file, along with their order of appearance. In addition, all data filters and export configurations created in LicenseHQ may now be saved for future use, saving substantial time on frequently generated queries.

The new version of LicenseHQ provides license professionals with a streamlined batch license renewal process saving substantial time and mouse clicks. This new feature supplements the existing bulk renewal process which can be performed via import. Customers may configure LicenseHQ to simultaneously add a new payment record with each renewal, saving additional time. “Through extensive process reengineering and exploiting the powerful tools within LicenseHQ, we’ve been able to greatly reduce the amount of time in the license renewal process,” said Mike Mulinix, Director of Customer Relations. “Such efficiencies are critical to license professionals who are under the gun to meet an overwhelming number of deadlines.”

LicenseHQ also provides customers with six new standard reports providing greater visibility into your license processes and burden. A new Gross Receipts Report, Inventory Report, and Employee Report display a list of all sites and the data corresponding to the category. In addition, three new check request reports provide greater visibility into license payments. The Reconciliation Report provides a snapshot of the payments and check requests processed during a selected date range, enabling customers to quickly determine the status of payments and check requests that have been processed.

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