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You are unique, just like your licensing needs.

LicenseHQ will help you to manage the license characteristics that take the most time and create the greatest risk, ensuring difficult licenses are not overlooked and each step is carefully planned for.

Each company that uses LicenseHQ has a unique set of licenses they need to file to stay in compliance. These licenses range from general business filings to licenses for products and services that are heavily regulated and closely monitored by issuing authorities. Whatever your industry, LicenseHQ is here to help you manage your licensing processes more easily, with increased efficiency and greater controls.

Licensing software made for you

With hundreds of companies using LicenseHQ to manage their license compliance, we have the experience to help you with your industry’s licensing needs. Some of our more common client industries include:

Retail and Wholesale

Food and Convenience

Restaurant and Hospitality

Healthcare and Pharmacy

Technicians and Installers

Service Providers

Finance and Insurance

Manufacturing and Distribution

Construction and Architecture

Environmental and Chemical

Leasing and Real Estate

Information and Education


Manage more than renewals

License professionals wear many hats. LicenseHQ can help you with more than just your renewal process, helping you focus on the other business processes needed to stay compliant.

New Stores

Track planning and set up for new stores


Entity filings and reporting ownership changes

License Audits

Schedule and manage license audits to stay compliant


Track and store employee training and certifications


Import qualifying individuals and report turnover


Record officer reporting and material changes

Data Collection

Import data you need for license reporting


Manage landlord and lease details


Track sales requirements and restrictions for licensee products

How does this help my business?

CSC TCI was fabulous from day one of my implementation! First, we started by auditing all licensing files to ensure all of our restaurants had the proper licenses issued and posted.
Kayla Brown, Licensing CoordinatorBuffalo Wild Wings

Prior to me stumbling upon LicenseHQ, I had to maintain six different spreadsheets…LicenseHQ has saved me 60-75% of my time, having everything located within one area is such a time-saver! Everything is situated the way we like for our business to look, so that it’s recognizable for me. It’s very easy to work with, I would highly recommend it to anybody!

Vicki Whiteside, Director of Regulatory CompliancePSA Healthcare

We’re in 35 states, so we’re in about 16 different parts of the country…our licensing tasks were basically based off the side of someone’s desk. We now have the Center of Excellence for Business Licensing, we’ve gone from 40-50 people doing various pieces of licensing, to a team of nine. To date, four years in, we’ve not had a closure, we’ve not had penalties!

Kevin Schemm, Business License CoordinatorThe Kroger Company

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